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who we are

What started as a hobby for friends and family, has turned into a full time passion!

Every client’s needs and projects are different. Organized By Brooke takes pride in customizing each project! The number of sessions required depends on the Client’s needs and wants, we will do our best to give you an estimate of how long each project will take.

We are here to help you!

We want to make sure that everyone’s time is respected and used efficiently. We take pride in listening to our Client’s needs and wants and consider this in designing the best systems for your home/office.

Organized By Brooke will make sure to explain each new area and system which has been created just for you! Upon completion of the project, you will be able to implement new practices into your life. Although we understand our visions, you are the one who are living in these spaces and have to understand them too! We know that you may have to form new habits and routines but this is an investment to a happier (and more organized) way of living!




Our initial meeting with the client is to get a better understanding of your space, concerns, needs, wants and desires. 


This process will look different for each client depending on your personal needs and budget. We can do any space in your home or office. We may give you “homework” and ask that this be completed by whatever “due date” is agreed upon.

Maintenance Services

Once Organized By Brooke has organized a space for you, a maintenance service is offered at a lower rate. This service is provided as often as you would like, seasonally is recommended.

Decluttering and Downsizing

We provide assistance when decluttering your space. We will help with donations and elimination of any items you no longer want, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”


We recommend decluttering and going through your belongings before a move and we are here to help! We can help with packing/unpacking and staging your home to prepare for showing your house.

Our “Rolodex” and Other Services

Organized By Brooke can also help you with packing for trips, personal shopping and preparing outfits, preparing gifts. We will help make sure all odds and ends are taken care of!

Sometimes while decluttering, new projects can appear. “What do I do with these old pictures and VHS home videos?”…we have someone! “What do I do with all these extra clothes?”…we have someone! “How do I get this fixed?”…we have someone!


Client Reviews

After 12 years of living in the same house, a friend recommended to have Brooke come over and work her magic. She was incredibly thorough, down to the drawers. She helped me see things in a different way and transformed dead space areas to ones full of function and life! No change was ever forced and once she got started, after seeing things through her lens, I couldn’t say no to any of her recommendations.
For the first time, my house felt like a home. I can’t recommend her enough!
Invite Brooke over to work her magic and she’ll change your life too!
— Ben
My husband and I had Brooke organize our condo to get ready and make more space for our first baby. It has completely changed our lives! We not only have more space, but she changed the way we live in our space and take care of our stuff. She saved us HOURS of work and showed us methods on how to stay organized permanently. She also had an amazing attitude about the process and motivated us to take control of our space. I highly recommend her for anyone 1000%
— Emily
Organized By Brooke is truly a life changing service. The way Brooke puts her clients at ease as she quickly grasps just how you utilize the different spaces of your home. Brooke’s ability to transform my home from chaos to serenity is something I am grateful for every day. From my master bathroom, to my master closet, to my pantry! It has added to my love and joy of my new home!
— Ilycia